Working Out vs. Eating Right

Everyone knows that you should eat clean food within a certain caloric range if you want to lose weight.It's also been made known that working out enough is critical for weight loss and toning up.Although most people know that, they find it incredible hard to commit to both lifestyle changes.

So which is more important?

If you are looking to lose weight you can do so without stepping into the gym.It's safe to say that calories in versus calories out is the name of the game when it comes to weight loss.If you are burning more than you are consuming you are in a deficit, which means you will lose weight.

So how do you know how much you burn vs. how much you consume?

Fortunately we live in a technologically advanced world that gives us tools to measure these things.Wearing a Fit Bit with the proper settings can record how many calories you burn through-out a given day.Using the app, MyFitnessPal  with the proper understand of portions allows you to record how many calories you are consuming in a given day.With both of these common tools at hand, it can make your life very easy as long as you are willing to put the time and work in to balance out the numbers.

What if I don't want to count my calories?

The next best alternative to eating clean all the time and tracking your calories is to workout.But here is the kicker; you can't just creep along in cardio section and expect to drop a ton of weight.You have to venture out into the weight room, work on functional movements and finish up with cardio.It's not as easy as walking on a treadmill to pass the time and say you "worked out."

What are the best workouts for burning calories?

You should focus on workout structures that I have mentioned before (click here for an example).Begin with a compound movement (whether barbell or dumbbell) like a squat, deadlift, overhead press or something along those lines.You want to perform an exercise that will expend maximal amounts of energy in minimal time; that way you can move on to accessory movements after to further the burn.After your strength training and resistance training then you can finish off with cardio to expend the last bit of energy you have.

How frequently should I workout?

It all depends on how your body reacts. I always recommend that people workout three (3) days a week to begin with.This will be enough to burn energy without completely exhausting yourself from continuing on.As you workout more consistently, you can begin to increase the time spent at the gym either in your current days or by adding additional days.Again, everyone responds differently so make sure that you ease into it so that you don't burn yourself out in the first two weeks.

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