Why You Should Train Triceps

Do you experience pain in your elbows or shoulders? Do you have creaking, cracking or popping in either of the two?If so, you may need to strengthen your triceps. Like I touched on in the video below, people seriously undermine the importance of (long-head) triceps strength.

So why strengthen the triceps?

Like I explained in the video above the long-head of the triceps attach to the posterior (or back-side) of the shoulder blade. Whereas the short-head of the biceps (the opposing muscle) attach to the anterior (or front-side) of the shoulder blade. With knowing that information you can understand that more bicep engagement can lead to more forward rolled shoulders where more triceps engagement can lead to a more ideal shoulder position.In a world filled with flexed elbows and forwardly-rolled shoulders it's no wonder we need to strengthen our triceps.

Nearly everything you do involves more biceps that triceps, and that's a problem!

Holding your phone requires biceps engagement. Driving your car requires biceps engagement. Studying for your class or working requires more biceps.The world is full of elbow flexion which creates overload on the biceps and connective tissue. This overload often causes pain in the joints and poor shoulder positioning.When you get into the gym you should train your body to do the opposite of what it has been doing throughout the day.

If you are looking for better upper body strength this is the key.

Try the three exercises in the video below. See how each exercise felt and which was the hardest. 

Often times the hardest exercise will expose your weakest points. It's best to dive head-first into them in order to reap the most benefit.Good luck on developing your triceps, and if you have any further questions either comment below or click here to contact us.