Why You Should Strengthen Your Back

by Tyler Shamaly

In such a sedentary culture it is very common for people to have a weak core, with one of their weakest links being their back. This dilemma commonly leads to rotator-cuff injuries, neck injuries, low-back injuries and so much more.It is a critical weakness to address especially when looking to get in shape. Many people make their way into the gym and lift improperly due to these muscular imbalances which we have been addressing in our "Stop Lifting Like This, Start Lifting Like This" Instagram posts.

When observing the video above, you can clearly see the difference between the "Stop..." version of the lift versus the "Start..." version of the lift. In the improper video, you can clearly see the torso falling forward with little to no back motion, leading to the shoulder and arm musculature overworking. In the proper video, you can clearly see the movement of the shoulders is far different, rather than rolling forward to lift the weight, the shoulder blades simply retract back together to create a strong and stable movement.Without proper activation of these important muscles, small stabilizers and assistant musculature tends to take the brunt of the load for the main mover, which leads to injury.In essence, most people are utilizing the front portion of their bodies far too much, whether it be working on a computer, driving a car or just sitting in front of a TV. There is seldom a time when the body has to stabilize and keep the spine erect through the musculature in the mid-back, which is what tends to cause these cervical (neck) and lumbar (low-back) injuries.Hopefully this article enlightens you and you can make use of the information to ensure that you are working out properly! Also, if you know somebody that can benefit from reading this, please don't hesitate to share it with them!