Why YOU Should Deadlift... And How!

by Tyler Shamaly

You've heard of deadlifts before and I'm also assuming that you've heard a lot of terrifying things about them as well. I'm here to tell you that deadlifts can EASILY become one of your favorite movements so long as you know the backbone of it, what it does for you and how to keep yourself from encountering any of the terrifying things you've heard.

Why Deadlift?

It's simple, deadlifts are hands down one of the best movements you can do in the gym just because of it's ability to get multiple muscle groups working while correcting the nation's lack of posterior strength. When properly deadlifting, you engage muscle groups that you do not normally use through-out your everyday life.It targets three of the most neglected muscle groups found among White Collar and Blue Collar workers alike. This movement is mainly moved by your hamistrings (back of your leg), gluteus maximus (your ass), your latisimus dorsi (the biggest portion of your back) and also your rhomboids (shoulder blade muscles). These muscles are commonly the most neglected in our society today, causing many peoples' back, neck and knee problems.

How Do They Benefit Me?

By learning how to deadlift properly you will be able to prevent some of the most common injuries that people in the workplace encounter, while maintaining a healthy and neutral spine. Oh, and before we move onto how to execute a deadlift, let's explain something important. Whether your bulking or cutting/toning down, you can use this exercise to help you attain that goal quicker by incorporating it in your routine!When bulking: Make sure to do a rep range between 2-6 reps for anywhere between 3 and 6 sets so that you can load up heavy weight on the body while being minimally aerobic. This will reduce the amount of cardiovascular activity you get while boosting your muscular hypertrophy. This will lead to some serious gains in your legs and back!When cutting/toning: Make sure to do a rep range between 8-12 reps for anywhere between 3 and 4 sets so that you keep your volume high and weight lower to burn a SHIT TON of calories, while still sculpting your back and legs that you want to! Remember, the slower you go with time-under-tension, the more tearing you get. So go slow and controlled with this movement so that you burn out your muscles like you've never done before.

How Do I Deadlift?

So this is the fun part, and when I say that, I mean this is the complex part. I'm not going to be able to fully visualize in words what you're going to have to do, however I'll put as much detail as I can potentially put into this portion while I work on producing a video on our YouTube Channel that will carefully illustrate how to properly deadlift.Now, these are the chain of events that you'll want to follow:

  1. Step up to the bar so that the bar is right above the middle of your foot. This will leave you with about 1 to 2 inches in between your shins and the bar. You want to stay as close as you can to the bar so that you can (a) give the bar a straight bar path for less resistance and (b) allow your lower back not to be overloaded with all of the weight when performing the lift.

  1. After you've gotten about an inch or two away from the bar, you're going to want to make sure that your hip bone is vertically in line with your heel so that you have a sturdy alignment when pulling up the bar.
  2. Now go down to the bar as if you were going to stretch your hamstrings. Make sure you get a good grip on the bar from this position and make sure NOT to attempt pulling the bar off of the ground yet.

  1. From here you're going to want to sink your hips down almost like you're sitting. From there you want to squeeze your shoulder blades together while raising your chest up so that your back is neutral which will develop tension in the upper/mid back and also in the back of the hamstrings right near your glutes.

  1. Now that you're in the set-up, you're going to want to think about thrusting your hips towards the bar and standing up as tall as you can. The way you're going to be able to accurately do this without hurting yourself is by making sure that you're hamstrings, glutes (ass) and mid/upper back are squeezed nice and tight.

  1. Once you get to the top, celebrate your first repetition and come down slowly, reversing the way you lifted the bar off of the ground. Make sure not to get sloppy on the way down, as people get just injured bringing the bar down as they do picking it up!

Hope you guys enjoyed the article! Make sure to check out our YouTube Channel for the video on how to deadlift and also catch up on our other blog posts/videos.If you have any questions, feel free to email us at AscensionPerformance@gmail.com or even in the comment section below so that we can answer your questions either by email or in a publication on either The Blog or YouTube!