Trainer's Advice on Goal Setting

Everyone has the best intentions when it comes to going to the gym."I'm going to lose weight, I'm going to get strong and I'm going to make sure that I live healthier this year!"People get frantic with excitement for all of these great things they're going to do.Over time, I've learned that goal setting isn't as black and white as the "I wants," it's more about "what I'm willing to do."

Set goals that are attainable.

Most people feel the need to lose 20lbs, increase their 1-rep-max by 50lbs or do some incredible feat.Have you ever considered being consistent as a goal?Setting a goal to be consistent is the first and best step in my mind.I have worked with so many people that have high ambitions but little-to-no drive to accomplish their goals.That's what I call setting yourself up for failure; instead focus on finding pleasure and purpose in your task.

Start with health, above all else.

Once you've been consistent with going to the gym for a few months we can look at other goals.Let's start with the next basic step, how healthy would you say you are?Are you always out of breath? Do you find yourself physically exhausted more than not? Is it a challenge to climb the stairs?More importantly, do any everyday activities cause you pain or problems?Before working on something superficial such as aesthetics, it is crucial to make sure your body is mechanically sound.You need healthy joints, lungs and muscles in order to reach the aesthetic goals most people desire.

Let's work with eating now.

Now that you've probably been consistent for 6 months or so and found your rhythm with your exercise program, we can progress.Let's look at making a HUGE CHANGE; because most people downplay the challenge that is diet change.Your pallet has to be in consideration especially when it comes to cravings and distractions from your "typical diet."Starving yourself isn't healthy, and unrealistic diets are out of the question.It's important to make changes that are sustainable while also making sure that you can enjoy your meals.The last thing you need to do is hate eating, like I have for many years prior to these considerations.Allow yourself to have some foods that your truly enjoy whether or not it is extremely healthy.If 80% of your diet is consistent of healthy choices, you should be able to alter your body composition the way you want to.

Refine your goals and figure out where to go from here.

After a year or so of being consistent with the prior you should be able to really define where you want to be and have the tools to get there.If you have any trouble with any of the above mentioned ideas, consider meeting with a professional.Whether it's a personal trainer or a dietitian, there is always a time and place for a professional's guidance.If you are in the local area and in need of assistance, please click here to begin your Personal Training experience so that you may be able to easily reach your goals with the accountability and know-how from a Qualified Professional!