The Root Cause of Most Injuries

There are so many people every day that "throw out their back," "tweak their neck" or "pull their (insert painful muscle group here)."Have you ever stopped and wondered why this happens to so many people?

Culture has changed for humanity, and our bodies are adapting.

Sitting, texting, driving and so many other sedentary actions are becoming more and more of our lives.Have to go to work? That's another keyword for "I'm about spend the next 8 hours hunched over in a chair to stare at a computer screen."Even if you don't work at a computer, most jobs in the United States are sedentary.

This shift of sedentary life is ruining your body.

Since the body adapts to nearly anything you do to it, it will find a way to make what you do most easier.If you hunch over and sit for 8 hours everyday, your body wants to make that easier.It will begin to shorten your hip flexors, tighten up your neck in a forward position to take the strain off your eyes and much more.

But this is the kicker, and this is where the injuries come from.

Today's bodies are adapting to sedentary life, and then we put them into hyper drive.We go from sitting in a car, to sitting at a desk, to sitting in a car and then rush into a hardcore workout; then BOOM! There's the injury.Tissues of most people today are not smoothly gliding, in proper length-tension relationships or firing properly which causes these issues.If you dig through some of my old blogs like "The Sedentary Problem" or "Where The Pain Is Often, The Problem Is Not!" to get more information on these issues.

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