"The Perfect Time" Doesn't Exist

Everyone is waiting until tomorrow to get in shape; and if it’s not tomorrow it’s until “life gets a little less crazy.”The blunt truth is that there is never a “perfect time” to get into shape.Life will always demand of you and your time in other ways no matter what.

So stop procrastinating!

If you have the time to read this right now, you more than likely have enough time.More people would rather post about how little time they have to workout rather than actually committing.Newsflash, if you have enough time to “wind down” to your favorite TV show, scroll through social media or read your favorite article then you have enough time to workout.

“But I don’t want to give up my little bit of down time.”

What’s more important?Spending your down time on a couch watching other people’s lives play out, or getting up and working on your own life?The obvious answer is the latter, but it’s a hard truth to stomach.When I was 18 I made a pact with myself. I promised I would stop watching TV and scrolling aimlessly through social media.That decision was a GAME CHANGER.

I suddenly found the time to work on important things in my life.

When I made that change, I seriously began pursuing my career as a Personal Trainer as well as a Small Business Owner.My lifting was exponentially getting better. Not to mention, my availability to tackle tasks I could never accomplish before became much more feasible.I'm not saying that I don't watch movies, go on Instagram or participate in mindless activities from time to time.I just got rid of them from my daily routine so that I can get ahead in the parts of my life I so desperately wanted.

So make the change for yourself.

Get off the couch. Put down your phone for an hour and get into a routine that provides you and your body benefit.The "New Year" is among us, and often times people are already giving up on what they set to accomplish for the year..So get your routines set now before you begin to make all the excuses as to why you're going to start exercising "later" as opposed to NOW.As if timing was really a thing...

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