The Importance of Developing Habits

Ever sit down after work, stare at the TV and wonder where your night went?So many people have made this a habit. Wake up, go to work, go home, eat and go to sleep.Weekends are spent going to bars and restaurants even when sometimes you don't even want to.

Have you ever wondered why you do that?

Human beings are very good at developing and relying upon habits to live.We make the habit of brushing our teeth before bed, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning (guilty) and all other things.What about the bad habits? Like eating when you're stressed, drinking alcohol when you're upset and others you can probably think about.

Why do we always go back to the same ole' same ole'?

In any given day, the human brain is only capable of making so many conscious decisions; and with the way we live life brainpower is constantly being used.You use your brain and decision making skills while driving, working, doing school work and even simpler things like replying to a text, answering a call and other minor decisions.I want you to stop and think for a minute. What are some of the things that you do throughout your day that are automatic and what are some of the things that you really had to sit and think about for longer than 5 minutes?This will help you separate habits from decisions.

When it comes to forming habits, you have to be conscious.

The only way to correct a bad habit is by coming to the understanding that you are in subconsciously doing it.You will move from subconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and lastly subconscious competence; that is the path it takes to reform a habit.It works the same way for the brain as it does to relearn an exercise. We have all done an exercise improperly. We have also all had a hard time relearning the exercise.That's because you have to maintain a certain level of consciousness to retrain the body to move a different way before it remembers how to do it automatically.

The same applies to your actions.

Learn to take deep breaths when you get upset. Better yet, make a room or area where you can throw yourself into a tantrum. Yes, a tantrum.One of my biggest inspirations, Elliott Hulse, made a video labeled "Brain Slave NO MORE!" This video showcases how you should allow your body to express itself rather than relying on external resources to satisfy the urge.When I'm working with clients that are trying to lose weight stress tends to be one of the biggest problems. Stress causes an individual to go on a rampage.They don't go on just any rampage though. They will raid their food cabinets, they will pound down liquor or better yet shun the gym for days.

These are all bad habits that can be broken.

Dependent on how old these habits are they can take weeks, months or even years to break them.Just like a cigarette smoker, it can be addicting to stress eat, drink away your sorrows or do whatever else.Once you feel the urge to perform the habit, stop yourself. It's been most commonly noted that you have approximately 5 seconds to determine whether or not you're going to adapt to the habit or develop a new one.I know this all sounds very hard and for some of you it may be. But working hard towards something that will better your health and well-being is well worth it.So get to work on developing habits that will propel you towards your goals, hopes and ambitions! While I like to predominantly educate on matters of fitness, this mental health and wellness article should serve you well on your fitness journey!