Thank You from Oxford's 1st Gym

This past year of Ascension Performance has certainly been remarkable.

The company has gone into hyper-drive since moving in the first location back in February of 2016.Interested in learning more about our past year? Watch the video below for a brief recap of 2017.Whether you have seen the video or not, I want to throw a HUGE thank you to everyone.This company has grown in a way I had never thought imaginable back in May of 2015 (Ascension's inception date).Through this past year, we have served hundreds of people in so many different ways.From fitness seminars, to training and now gym memberships people have loved the staff, environment and feeling they get when walking into our doors. And it shows!

People love us, and we love serving them!

It's amazing to see all of the kinds words that people have to say about our facility, our team and our environment.Even gym members are genuinely excited about their workouts in our facility.

So thank you... Without you this wouldn't be possible.

If you are or have been a client or member of our facility, we want to say thank you.You allow us to do what we love everyday of our lives. That is something that not many get the chance to do in their lifetime.Your kind words and constant devotion towards us and yourselves is what keeps us going.

This is still the beginning though.

Being in a commercial location for a little over a year, this is only the beginning. There are only more opportunities to change more lives and invite more people to experience Ascension.This spring / summer we will be holding a few events which I am excited to announce very soon. So please keep posted on our Instagram and Facebook page so that you can be updated on those soon to come events!In September, we are planning to do a group Tough MudderWe will be holding small group training classes for a few months before the event to gradually prepare people for it.

We have a lot in store for 2018.

Be prepared for all of the awesome content, events and so much more to come.Again, THANK YOU for making this possible.It means a lot to me and the team that Ascension is a major player in the community.We can't wait to continue seeing all the new faces that enter our doors.

Some pictures of our facility with some new equipment.