Small Group Training | Coming Soon | Ascension Performance

Looking for the push you need?

Small Group Training is motivating, collaborative and fun!In May 2018 Ascension will be offering Small Group Training. This high energy and fun exercise program will be based upon the participants and their needs.A consultation and assessment will allow us to ensure that participants working together are at similar exercise competence and skill level.

What should you expect?

Small Group Training classes will be groups of 2 to 6.These collaborative classes will be program based. The assigned trainer will determine class frequency, duration and phases of the class.We don't want to hold a general class. Through our formal programming we will be able to create a class that encompasses individual needs. This will help to avoid pain, problems and redundancy.

Do you have to be a experienced in exercise?

No, you do not need any experience with exercise to join the Small Group Training. Please understand that groups will be constructed among people of similar skill level.If you wish to join, we encourage you to find friends, family or co-workers that are a similar level to form a group with.If you do not have people ready to join with you we can place you through an assessment to identify what group you may be able to join.

Interested in getting more information?

Click the picture below to go to our contact page, where you can inquire about the Small Group Training and get more details.