Patience and Fitness Equal Success

One major component to any success in fitness is the patience and endurance.Progress in fitness is slow, and if anyone told you that you can see results fast, they lied.Lifestyle changes should happen over time, not all at once. Most people that try to change everything all at once tend to fall back to old habits.

So how long should I wait to see results?

Some results can happen within weeks. On numerous different occasions I have noticed that clients' moods and energy have changed within weeks.Other results tend to take a while; especially if you are looking for physical appearance, strength levels, etc.You can't rush the physical progress without expecting consequences.Over training to see accelerated progress will commonly lead to injury. Tendinitis, acute tears and potentially worse are just some of the things that can happen.

Common Question: "Am I training enough to see the results I want to see?"

On average, I expect to see clients in the gym 3 to 4 days per week at an hour each session.After they have been working out for a few months and have developed a certain conditioning, I will commonly increase their days to 4 to 5; but I don't see much of a reason to go past that.Training intensity and duration should be dependent on your work, your daily physical exertion and other lifestyle factors such as stress.If you are expending a lot of physical energy at work 6 to 8 hours a day, your workouts should be a lower intensity and less days per week.Over exertion will stunt your ability to progress in the gym as well as deteriorate your capabilities for your life (work, school, etc.).

Be patient, fitness is to be played for the long-game.

Working out should be a habit developed for good health, confidence and other great variables.Although the physical appearance aspects of it can be great, they shouldn't be your main focus.Working out for looks can easily lead to failure, body dysmorphia (which I suffered greatly from for a long time) or self-esteem issues.I'm not saying that it's bad to care about how you look, I am just saying that it's mentally healthier to focus on measurable progress rather than opinionated progress.Focus on calories, body measurements, body fat percentage and your working weights for your lifts.These are all forms of tracked progress to let you know you are doing well when you don't necessarily think you're doing it right when you look in the mirror.

Stay in it for the right reasons, this is for yourself!

Most importantly, make sure that you're doing this for yourself!Check out this awesome Monday Morning Motivation from yesterday's Instagram Post. 

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