Injury Prevention Programs For Your Kid

Most parents want the same things for their kids, especially when it comes to athletics. They want their child to perform optimally while reducing their risk of injury.What parents wouldn't want that? That is the nature of a parent to ensure their kid is getting nothing short of the best.Since we know how important your kids are we have put together programs for kids of all ages that participate in athletic programs.

Each sport should be addressed differently.

Dependent on the sport, your kid should be training a particular way.Each sport has repetitive motions that can wreak havoc on the body if not balanced out.For instance, a catcher in baseball has to maintain a full depth squat for a majority of the game. They also have to have the explosive power that allow them to pop up and return the ball.We would work to improve the child's squat to ensure that they are properly performing it.We would begin with mobility check points, ensuring that their ankles have optimal dorsiflexion (ability to bend) as well as knee flexion (ability to bend) so that they don't bear too much load on their Achilles tendon or patellar tendon.After that, we'd ensure that they are properly loading their glutes and quads to ascend the body out of a full depth squat position. We find that many people in general (young and adults alike) have weak glutes which puts a large portion of the load on the quads. Again, if quads are working too hard they can cause pain and problem with the knees.

That is just a basic understanding of what we do.

It is important that kids are functionally capable at a young age. That way they can carry over the good habits into adolescence and adulthood.Interested in taking your kids game to the next level?Click here to set up a complimentary consultation & assessment so that we can get your kid working towards being a fully functional athlete!