Community Appreciation Day

We love our community!

Since we have been growing we figured we would give it back to the community with a fun filled event with food, a contest and so much more!

Everyone is welcome, you don’t need to be a member in order to join the event and stop by for the day.

Join us on Saturday, August 10th (8AM - 3PM) for this fun gathering filled with activities to give back to you for being a part of the community that has supported our growth.

Event Schedule:


8AM - Ascension Style Group Workout
Start off your day with a kick-ass group workout with the trainers at Ascension!
People of all fitness levels are able to join in on the fun!

10AM - Start The Grilling!
We will begin fueling up people with grilled chicken, burgers, salad and drinks!

2019-02-04 18.14.32-1.jpg

11AM - Stretching & Movement Prep Seminar
Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a good stretch routine?
Join the trainers at Ascension for a seminar revolving around stretching and warm-ups!

2019-06-05 09.12.26.jpg

12PM - Fun Fitness Competition
Join our first ever fitness competition!
Take a chance to win a free Ascension shirt and Supplement of your choice!
Movements During Competition (in the following order):
Deadlift (for reps)
Sled Push (for distance)
Farmer’s Carry (for time)
Tire Flips (for reps)


2PM - Closing Ceremony & Thank You!
We’d like to take a moment to personally thank you for coming to the event and supporting us along our journey as a company and community!


Ask us anything below! Or let us know that you’re coming to the fun event on August 10th!

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