Ascension Performance Annual: 12 Week Challenge

We are preparing for this year's 12 Week Challenge, who is ready?The challenge will be a measure of healthy body composition change, as opposed to a simple "weight loss challenge."We believe in proper balance, so the competition cannot be biased solely towards weight loss.

How does the 12 Week Challenge work?

In the challenge, there are two forms of measurement; change in fat mass and change in lean mass.Upon the first weigh-in, we will have you step on the scale and then use our "Omron: Fat Loss Monitor" to determine your body fat percentage.From this point, we will use those baseline numbers to determine how your body composition changes through out the 12 weeks.Positive points will be given to those who lose body fat or gain lean mass.Negative points will be given to those who gain body fat or lose lean mass.If you end up with a positive point from body fat, but negative point from lean mass, it will ultimately cancel out as a wash.

When does the challenge start?

The challenge will begin on February 4th, 2019 - exactly TWO YEARS after our move-in day to our first facility.

Does the challenge cost anything?

The only thing it costs is being a part of our community. You can join the challenge if you are either a member of the gym or a personal training client.To learn more about our options, please continue reading.

Are you offering programs for the challenge?

For those who want to follow a program, we are offering a one-time $75 workout program specifically designed for the 12 Week Challenge.Want to get more information on the program? Please click here to request it on our Contact Us page.For those who want to work with a trainer, we are offering a 12 Week Challenge Promotion running at $50/ session for the duration of the challenge.Want to get more information on the training? Please click here to request it on our Personal Training page.