4 Reasons to Hire A Personal Trainer

by Tyler Shamaly

When it comes to working out, there is more than meets the eye. Underneath the appearance of a body moving weight are the muscles that make it happen. But what happens when you don't quite know what muscles should be firing, or what they feel like? What happens when you feel as though you just can't get one more rep?If you have that doubt you may want to seek out a Certified Personal Trainer. Not only can they exemplify the proper movements and proper musculature engagement so you can stay happy, healthy and injury-free, but they can also push you past plateaus that your mind had set for you.

1. Trainers See What You Can't See

It's obvious that a trainer can see things that you can't quite see. Not only are they looking at your body from the third point-of-view, but they also know what proper joint motion looks like. Throughout the duration of a session with a client, I am consistently asking them, "where do you feel this?" or "how is this weight?" based upon how my client is moving / carrying themselves.A professionally trained eye will always notice things that you or your workout partner may not be able pick up on. Especially if your trainer has specializations that attribute to their capability to be able to suit your needs.

2. Constant Accountability

There will be days that you don't want to workout, you don't want to increase your intensity and that you really don't want to go to the gym. By having a Personal Trainer you will have the constant accountability knowing that you committed to yourself and working out.On session days, a Personal Trainer is there to push you to a safe and effective limit that will allow you to continue progressing but also knowing when to stop to avoid injury.On non-session days, your Personal Trainer will be sending you workouts, motivation and other sorts of things to do so that you can keep on track towards reaching your goals. When my clients call me a "pain in my ass," I know that I am doing a good job and continue to push them past their comfort zone.

3. They Can Help You With Anything Body Related

This is an important one to understand, while a Certified Personal Trainer can only go so far in their Scope of Practice, they can find alternative ways to help you. The biggest way that a Certified Personal Trainer can help you is by referring out to their circle of professionals for what you may need.For instance, I know a lot of my clients that have tight musculature that can only be stretched so far. In that case, I refer out to my Massage Therapist, who I am more than confident can fill the void where I can't assist. There are also others in my circle that allow me to help my clients in many ways through others.Never be afraid to ask your Trainer who they might know, because odds are they will have a network of Licensed / Certified Professionals that they trust enough to work with you.

4. They Know Your Limits

I have had many clients who wanted to jump right into barbells, weight lifting and all sorts of fun things. And while I so desperately want them to do so, often times I have to decline due to their lack of strength, mobility or stabilization.If you have a good trainer they will not let you do something that you are not ready for. There are always 4 others ways to reap the same benefits from a similar exercise at a higher or lower intensity, dependent on your capabilities. They also will know when the intensity is not enough, therefore putting you in a more suitable exercise for your capabilities.


There are obviously a lot of benefits to working with a Certified Personal Trainer, but you just have to make sure that you work with one that is suitable for you. At the end of the day, there are many other benefits to working with a Health and Fitness Professional, but these 4 reasons stood out the most to me personally.If you have any questions at all on the info in this article, please don't hesitate to email me directly at tshamaly@ascensionperformance.com as I'd love to answer any other questions on Personal Training or exercise in general!