3 Tips for Keeping Your Summer Body!

by Tyler Shamaly

So we're almost to the point in time when the weather is beautiful. The sun is out, and so are you with the results you've gained from this fall and winter! Just because you've made it this far doesn't mean you should forget to keep consistent with everything you've been working for! Most people make these 3 fatal mistakes once the spring and summer time strikes, and we don't want to see you join the crowds setting themselves back.Tip #1: Don't Use The Nice Weather As An Excuse!Most people get pretty damn close to where they were aiming, but don't forget to stay consistent with the one thing that had brought you here. Sure, I get it, you want to go outside and enjoy the weather. So you try to justify by saying that going to the beach and playing volleyball can be your form of "exercise," but let's be real for a moment. Sitting on a beach drinking your calories away while playing volleyball is not going to be beneficial towards keeping the progress that you just worked so hard for. It's better to make sure you get a workout in during the morning before your activities so that you at least maintain where you've gotten to.I understand that most people are going to say "I know, Tyler, we need to keep exercising but I just get so busy in the summer time." My response to that is that this is all about where your priorities really stand. For those of you joining us in this great fluctuation we call New England weather, you should be fairly used to the changes in weather through-out the seasons and the changes in how you spend your time. Just because the weather gets nicer doesn't mean that the goals you have should be any different, and this is why most people either fail to meet their goals or fail to continue forward with their fitness journey. Despite the fact that you may have family parties to attend or work picnics to go to, you should still at least dedicate 1hr of your day 3 to 4 times per week in order to maintain where you've gotten to. This way you don't suffer the same defeat at the end of summer where it finally dawns on you that you're not happy with where you are and that you need to "get in shape."Tip #2: Don't Skip the WeightsSo you've gotten your muscular development that you wanted from your weight training and now you're thinking of dumbing it down to only high intensity cardio in order to cut time on your workouts. Don't be fooled, you could actually burn more calories from continuing with your weight training and moderating your cardio in the middle of it. Make sure that you include your primary compound lifts in order to burn mass amounts of calories in a minimal amount of time while making sure to accent that with either accessory movements or a good final cardio workout! If done properly, you can easily do a workout in about 45 minutes to 90 minutes dependent on how you structure it! Here's an example template I would use for one of my deadlift days in order to get in and out of the gym on a beautiful day!Deadlifts - 2 sets of 5 reps (warming up in with slow, controlled movements to get the blood flowing).Deadlifts - 3 sets of 5 reps (utilizing about 80-85% of my max energy expenditure)Bent Over Rows - 4 sets of 6 reps (utilizing about 70-75% of my max energy expenditure)Hamstring Curls - 3 sets of 8 reps (utilizing about 70-75% of my max energy expenditure)15 min of HIIT cardio.With a brief workout like this you can easily get what you needed to get done  in a short amount of time. Generally speaking, a workout like this will take me between 45-60 minutes in order to complete. By working with the higher weight percentages and utilizing compounded movements like Deadlifts or Bent Over Rows I am getting in more than enough for my body to be fully taxed by the workout without leaving me feeling groggy for the rest of the day. This leaves me with an adequate amount of progress to still be gained while also giving me the time to go enjoy the weather!Tip #3: Consistent NutritionI know that all of your friends and family are probably hosting awesome parties this spring and summer, and I also know what that means with your food situation as well. I want to invite you to think about something before you decide what you're going to do when it comes time for picnics or family parties. I'm not saying that you don't get to eat anything at the picnics and parties, but I am asking you to moderate what you're eating and consider what you're going to be putting into your body. When you think of eating food, think of it as paying your body for all of the amazing things that it does to you. Or better yet, think of it in this way.You're going to someone's house to perform a simple task for them, and in return they say that they will pay you the necessary currency for the work you did. You're hammering away at your tasks and continue to look into each and every task in detail in order to ensure you get paid the best rate you could potentially make. As you're finishing up, you're thinking about all of the great currency you're about to receive because of the outstanding job that you had just completed. So now it's time, pay time, and you go up to receive your rightfully-deserved currency. You envision getting this pristine stack of $500 for the magnificent job that you had just done, but instead you get handed $10 of recyclables, $10 in old rusty coins, 2 bottles of poison and a crumpled up $100 bill. Right now, you're not feeling so hot, because the reward you had hoped and prayed for was nothing but a facade, and that's exactly how your body feels when you feed it terrible food for doing such a wonderful job at keeping yourself alive. So remember to feed your body with what it needs in order to continue, but don't forget that you are allowed to cheat here and there. Just use this example as a reference before we close up."For every 10 clean meals one cheat meal won't kill you, but for every 10 cheat meals  1 healthy meal won't help you." So remember, success is a lot of small things consistently done well.