3 Negative Effects of Stress

Do you find that you are stressed more often than not?Have you ever considered the physical effects that stress can play on you and your body?There are many bad things that can come of always being in a state of stress. But I'd like to dive into three main problems.

1. Constantly Sympathetic

When you go into stress your body prepares for the worst.Since we were designed to be in the wild, the body relates today's stress to that of being attacked by a predator.If you were in the wilderness and a bear started to come closer to you, you'd trigger a "Fight-Or-Flight" state; otherwise known as the sympathetic nervous system.The problem with most people today is that that we let emotional, mental and other problems consistently lock us into a sympathetic state.

What does that really mean?

Your body naturally needs to have it's high's and low's like everything in life. Balance.Your heartbeat is on a constant jump, up, down, up, down and so on. That's because you should always be altering states.When you are always stressed you never let your body enter a parasympathetic state, otherwise known as "Rest-And-Digest."This is why so many people have trouble sleeping, losing weight and accomplishing simple bodily actions.A person living with stress will commonly have altered hormones due to the constant sympathetic state, not allowing the body to properly regulate.

2. Tension, tension, tension!

When you are in a state of stress long enough, your body will feel "rigid" and "tight."Your muscles pump up and prepare for the worst when in a sympathetic state; and they keep pumped up to stay alert for the anticipated attack.The only problem with that is that most people keep the tension they develop in stressful situations.Unfortunately, we are taught to "turn the left cheek" and let go of the situation, rather than experience what we are feeling.If someone made you upset or any kind of negative way, it's common to be stressed.

Express yourself to let go of the tension you are holding. 

The key word here is holding, I'm not telling you to yell at someone or let it out on someone.But if you let go of the feelings you have by expressing them to yourself or in a private place like your bedroom, you may find yourself feeling better.Often times when I am put into a high stress situation that causes me to feel anger or rage, I tend to scream it out in my car to a song.The emotions I am feeling are being released so that I can let it out and let it go. Afterwards, I find that I feel far less tension.Just remember, if you end up taking out your stress and stored emotions on someone else, it will most likely result in more stress from your actions.Please consider that before bursting a gasket, I am not condoning that; instead, let yourself express it in your own space.

3. Your mindset will tend to change... for the worse.

If you hold in stress you are holding in negative emotions.If you are holding onto negative emotions you are more likely to attract more of that into your life.I have found in the past through my experience and the experiences of others that holding onto something will only bring more of it into your life.So let it go, like I said in the last point. Find ways to think positive after you release these emotions.This will help you find more confidence and pleasure in simple things such as working out, which is also a great outlet for release.

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